Steve Stewart Seminars

Steve Stewart Seminars

30 Minute Speaking Option?

Your company or association may have only 30 minute time slots available to outside speakers. Association of Realtors® breakfast meetings, or company sales meetings, for example. What topics do we have available on which to speak in this very narrow time window?

5 Great Reasons to List Only in today's Market
1. It is the only way to control your time. Only controlled time is money. Uncontrolled time is just trash time.
2. You get paid on any seven days a week while only working five.
3. You can work with 20 to 40 listings at a time, but only with 2 or 3 buyers at a time.
4. Not every "buyer" buys. But a good listing agent knows from Day One whether or not it will sell.
5. It is easier to get a referral from a listing during the selling process than to get a referral from the buyer during the search.

Buy From Me, or Get Out of My Car!
We are great believers in lavishing service on those who actually buy and sell real estate. Lavishing service on people who have no reason to make a decision is mostly wasted time. Buy From Me, or Get Out of My Car are words every Realtor® has wanted to say at some point, but few of us were ever tacky enough to say it. Steve will show you how without making anyone angry! [This is a VERY shortened version of Steve's signature presentation.]

To schedule Steve Stewart for either of these two topic presentations, please call his office at 760-298-8146.

Keep your customers happy and buying from you. Then no matter what else happens, you will always be in good shape with a central core of clients who love what you do..

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