Steve Stewart Seminars
Steve Stewart Seminars

MA/VIP - Marketing Advisory/Very Important Products.
This is the MA/VIP you heard about from our LIVE seminar presentations.

  • Video CD rental, $50. Cutting edge marketing is no accident. As marketing standards change, you have to keep up -- that's what the cutting edge is about. Multiple Video CDs reflecting our current Marketing Advisory are sent to your office address. The content and number of these Video CDs changes with time and market conditions. At the end of 30 days, you return the VCDs to the address on the printed label.
  • Why return them? Because advisories change - although people never throw CDs away! We don't want to have you listening to old advisory materials that may no longer contain the best advice we have to offer -- with you thinking the contents reflect what we would advise you to do today. Besides, if you have to return a $50 rental in 30 days, you will listen to it NOW rather than put it on the shelf for "someday." Cutting Edge isn't "someday!"

How to purchase/rent:

  • Most likely, you heard about this MA/VIP at a LIVE seminar we shared, made your decision and made your payment there. Thank you.
  • You can also make this rental here online. We accept all major credit cards, personal and company checks, money orders, as well as online payments (you need to have an existing PayPal account to do this). Credit/debit cards, company checks, money orders and PayPal online payments receive immediate credit and video products are shipped within 48 hours. Personal checks mailed in require up to 10 days for bank processing prior to shipment (while personal checks presented at a LIVE seminar receive immediate credit). Contact us directly for details and payment information. Or call our office and ask for staff member Alicia Danielle by name.

Our Guaranty: We guaranty your complete satisfaction with our products and services. If you encounter any problem with any product we produce, please give us the opportunity to make replace you copy with a new one. In the end, you are the final judge as to your satisfaction and a full refund will happily be made upon request.

--Steve Stewart

Other Products Qnty Price $
Book Home run every Time: Best 200 Sales Ideas
200 pages of ideas you don't run into everyday.
Audio 80 Minutes of Real Answers!
Dozens of the most common problems faced by everyone who sells real estate. Buy The book "Home Run Every Time" and get this audio book pack at no extra charge.
Audio 50+ Ways to Double Your production!
Two albums, 12 cassettes and two printed script books
Audio Download - mp3's, $59.97
Audio What to Say to Buyers and Sellers!
Two albums, 12 cassettes and two printed script books
Book The Real Estate Book of Letters w/ computer diskettes 118 common letters in real estate sales, all included on Windows 95, Windows 3.1x and Macintosh diskettes ready to copy into your existing word processing program. 99.00
Audio Listing Tools for Agents
Single cassette, 40 minutes (Currently Sold Out)
Audio Taming Home Buyers
(Currently Sold Out)
Book But selling Real Estate IS a Real Job! (Currently Sold Out) 10.00*
Book You Thought Managing Was a Promotion!?
118 pages with real life examples
*Publisher's Specials!
These Prices will change back to retail soon.
Order at special price while you can!
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