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Steve Stewart Seminars

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STEVE STEWART is an author (see excerpts of articles) who speaks on the subjects of sales and sales management with 1.25 million books and 3 million audio recordings sold since 1986. Now in its 3rd edition, "The Real Estate Book of Letters" is the all time industry best selling collection of computer-ready letters with more than 100,000 copies sold since 1989.

ADDITIONALLY, Steve also speaks professionally on sales and sales management (see seminars) and has made 3,500 formal presentations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Western Europe. A Professional Level Member of the National Speaker's Association, he also holds the distinguished Golden Microphone Award for Merit and is included in the Who's Who of Professional Speaking.

STEVE'S programs on sales focus directly on professionals whose income is based on performance and customer satisfaction - and on those in sales who should work that way!

Keep your customers happy and buying from you. Then no matter what else happens, you will always be in good shape with a central core of clients who love what you do..

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