Steve Stewart Seminars
Steve Stewart Seminars


Hiring Steve

Steve is available for your:

  • Convention
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Retreat
  • Panel Moderation/Discussion
  • Brain storming sessions

Steve Stewart has spoken professionally more than 3,300 times throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and France. Today, Steve speaks professionally 50+ times each year throughout North America. With 365 days in a year, chances are good he's available for your event. For more information on Steve's background,
click here.  You can book Steve Stewart directly with his office.  He is also proud to cooperate with a variety of professional bureaus around the country.


Steve Stewart Seminars


Marketing is King.
The future belongs to those
who can sell.

1. Is he/she the right speaker for the job?
General Norman Schwartzkoff to speak on trade show sales? Not a match. Stormin' Norman to speak on strategic planning? Now you're talking. ABC's Sam Donaldson to fill in for an MTV host? Think it again, Sam.

2. Can you always afford your choice?
Not in every case but don't give up too quickly. A speaker who might seem out of range for your budget might still work out.
The right speaker increases your ticket sales and attendance

  • Try to get an event co-sponsor to help share the costs.
  • Remember that the right speaker increases your registration and attendance.
  • Move money over from other budgets (advertising, training, promotions, other special events).
  • Speakers will occasionally adjust fees because of your event's location (Meeting close to the speaker's home or across country?   Meeting in Maui - that's attractive.  Meeting in Yuma again - that probably won't help!)
  • Your connections to a cherished cause can make a difference (scouting, cancer cure fund-raising, Make-A-Wish Foundation).

  • Select your date and several alternatives.
  • Find out if your venue of choice is available.
  • Check for conflicting events.
  • Determine your budget and which other budgets you could tap into.
  • Call Steve's office to hold the date.
  • Confirm your venue.
  • Confirm your speaker.
  • Set your promotion with people, tasks, timelines and measurements.
  • Print what you need (flyers, etc.)
  • Pre - registration ...

    Contact Steve Stewart Seminars to book him! (760) 298-8146

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(760) 298-8146
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