Steve Stewart Seminars

Steve Stewart Seminars


STEVE STEWART has been in sales and management since 1972. Today he is listed in the "Who's Who in Professional Speaking" and is one of the few people who have ever sold over 1.25 million* books and 3 million audio recordings on the subjects of sales and markets.

*The content of Steve's Real Estate Book of Letters has been included in Top Producer software for 20 years in addition to selling as an independent book product.

AFTER TEACHING Speech Communication at San Diego State University for six years [M.A., Speech Communication/Social Psychology], Steve sold real estate very successfully for seven years. Some would call his sales "excessive" ... but he would not.

AS A SPEAKER, Steve has spoken professionally more than 3,300 times - maintaining a schedule of 150+ days on the road because he knows what he is talking about. Today, he averages a far more managable and reasonable 50+ presentations per

Steve Stewart Seminars

A speaker or writer's unique perspective - his unique take on things - is the single most important value he brings to an audience. Someone else will always know more on a given subject. But give people a unique look at facts, and what they knew before becomes fresh all over again.

STEVE has spoken professionally in EVERY Canadian Province and in 48 states of the US, plus the Caribbean and Mexico. In addition to working with other companies and industries, he has been featured at hundreds of state conventions, regional conferences, local sales rallies and at the national conventions of virtually every real estate company that has a national convention.

STEVE has also been promoted by the world's largest sales association as being in a small group of speakers with STREET SMARTS, because what he teaches comes from having done it all in himself. Steve believes that people can't learn anything if they are bored or confused. They have to have FUN while they learn, or they simply won't care. That's why he makes the presentations a lot of fun for those attending.

BEGINNING IN 2012, Steve added a whole new topical area to his speaking menu, speaking to high school students on the important topic of teen suicide prevention. 4,400 American teens commit suicide each year. Steve's only child took his own life at the age of nineteen.






Sometimes with two or three jobs at once in his early career, Steve been a ...
  • Business consultant
  • CEO
  • College professor
  • Contract trainer 
  • Dish washer
  • Door-to-door solicitor
  • General manager
  • Grocery store clerk
  • High school teacher
  • Landscape worker
  • Liquor store clerk
  • Motel night clerk
  • Newspaper boy
  • Night janitor
  • Owner, 4 license schools
  • Portrait photographer in college
  • Professional writer
  • Professional speaker
  • Publisher
  • Realtor®
  • Restaurant bus boy
  • Sales manager
  • Sales recruiter
  • Sales trainer
  • Truck driver
  • USAF Sergeant
  • USMC recruiting/ contract trainer
  • Vice president/operations
  • Web marketer

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276 N. El Camino Real, #184
Oceanside CA 92058



(760) 298-8146
(760) 216-1353
(909) 498-7007

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