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Choose Life - Testimonials

Steve Stewart is an amazing speaker and has a very important and impactful message for parents and teens. His personal experience, combined with his speaking skills and caring attitude makes his presentation not only a valuable message, but one that will not be easily forgotten and could save a life. Jodi Walker, President, Success Alliances   Your sincerity and passion touches your audiences and changes lives. It's evident that your been-there-done-that message resonates because heads are nodding in agreement as you speak. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." You are that teacher, in the right place at the right time. Dave Balch, Founder,


Steve, I have known you WELL for half my life. I know your story. And you are exactly the right person to be telling this story to students. Alicia Lowery, Student

  With Teen Suicide, you handled a difficult subject with just the right blend of statistics, stories and solutions. Your message resonated with our membership as we move forward help the youth of our community. And for that we thank you. Jeannie Esposito, The Achievers

Steve, For years I've known you and your passion for preventing teen suicides. And I know why you do this. Your dedication does our community a service by keeping our kids safer. Dan Evans, Congregation Chairperson, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Oceanside CA

Steve, your passion and commitment are invaluable. May you find comfort as you enlighten others. The steps you share are great because you provide actions steps. You are on the right path.
Norm Hull, Youth Leadership Speaker

  How long have I known you? More than 15 years? I know your story. I give you accolades for continuing this very important suicide awareness and prevention topic. We at Girl Scouts are aligned with you with our anti-bullying program called BFF – Be a Friend First – focused on middle school girls. Keep getting the message out there, Steve. This one is important.
Marla Benson, SPHR
Chief Program Officer, Girl Scouts of SE Michigan
I think what you are doing is remarkable, Steve. It is a subject that definitely needs to be brought out into the open. The more that it is talked about, the less taboo it is. Your energy is perfect to bring the dialogue into the light! Suze Baez, PhD   I watched the video where you talk about your son. Thank you for that. Sometimes we never know how and where our message will resonate. I don't click on many things I see on Facebook, but God wanted me to click on yours. David Markovitz, President, GMP Training Systems
Parents don't always recognize the risk factors of a suicidal teenager. But Steve Stewart explains how you might just save a life that will one day make a significant difference in the world. Mike Rounds, Speaker and Author   Teen suicides are not other parents' problem - these are yours and mine, and we can help stop them if we just listen closely. Nancy Miller, Speaker and Author


7th graders:
"I didn't know that. I knew [Name of Girl who suicided]. She was my friend. I miss her and I wish she had not done this to herself. But now I understand it better and about what we can do."

"Thanks for speaking to us. I understand suicide better and I wish people didn't do that."

"I still miss my friend. But I'm not as sad as before. This will never happen to me! I know what to do."

"Im real surprised there are so many kids hurting themselves. But I know that no matter what, it won't be me or any of my friends. I can help them."

"I looked at the list of risk factors. Crap! These could be any of my friends!"

9th graders:
"Last year, my friend told me he was thinking about killing himself but made me promise not to tell anyone. I tried to help him. But I'm ashamed that I didn't break that promise. He's okay now. But he could have died and it would have been my fault. I'm glad you tell us not to keep that promise."

"Dear Mr. Stewart, thanks a lot for what you are doing. I had big problems and plans for killing myself. People can be so mean and I thought they must be right. So I tried to end myself in 7th grade and again in 8th. My parents were pretty scared. They got me a lot of help and things are real different now. I'll never do that again but I didn't know that before. Please keep telling kids about this. I don't like to bring up what I did. But I know this has to stop.

10th graders:
"I was thinking about what you said. This summer, I saw a guy from my school who was always alone. Sort of weird, we thought. I thought he was a candidate for doing something bad to himself so I went over to talk with him. Just talk. Now we are good friends and he knows he has friends."

"It's got to stop and we can make it stop. Thanks for telling us things we can do to keep kids [who are] in danger of going over the edge."

11th graders:

12th graders:
"My older sister has tried to kill herself 4 times already. Thanks for talking about this. I'm really scared for her and my mom. I [used to be] scared this would be me, too. Now I'm more sure it won't. Please keep telling people about what we can do.

"There is this girl from my school who has already tried to kill herself twice. Very strange. Not popular at all. But we were thinking about what you said. So me and my friend asked her to hang with us at a concert in the park. Nothing special. We just talked with her the same as we talk to everyone. But she was included. Now we are all good friends and she's not strange any more. She acts different now and if she ever starts to think she will harm herself again, she still knows we care about her."

"I am 17 years old and already I have been to 8 funerals of people I know. This week it is another boy at my school who committed suicide."

"My son is 15 and I'm scared to death for him. He was bullied so bad at school he can't go there any more. He stays in his room all the time and won't talk to me. He only wears black clothes and dyed his hair black and talks about dead things. My pastor won't talk to him and the school he went to says they can't help us. What else can I do?" [Texas; phone call off our website]

"Thanks for the words of encouragement. It helps knowing someone else has gone through this. My son [age 14] killed himself 4 months ago and I cry all the time." [California; email through our website]

"My daughter [age 16] hung herself while I was at work and I found her when I got home. There is no way to express the grief. I just want to be with her again all the time." [Tennessee; phone call through our website]

"You are doing God's work, Steve. I had no idea how young this could happen. Then my 7 year old daughter said, 'Mommy, I think I want to kill myself." I'm glad someone is out there talking about all this. Please keep doing this." [Illinois; phone call from the website]

I have been reading your articles on your website and I saw your videos. I'm so sorry for your personal loss. It makes me so angry when I read about the young lives lost and unwillingness of those who will not help. You should be speaking every single day on this. [Email from parent/reader on the website]

"Thanks for talking to our youth group and some parents, Steve. I think this went over very well. Maybe we can ask you back sometime? [Pastor Tim]

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