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Choose Life - The Facts

The number of teen suicides is growing in the US which is something to be alarmed about. These are the numbers that WE ALL must deal with and overcome. Click HERE to download a FREE PDF [coming soon] listing for causes risk factors and warning signs. Click HERE for warning signs.

  • While exceedingly rare, there are actually suicide statistics for children as young as 5. Stunning - but explainable!
  • Depending on your specific location, suicides are the 2nd or 3rd most common cause of death among teens. Typically among teens, the first cause is accidents, second is homicides and third are suicides.
  • Suicide is the 10th most common cause of death among 5 to 24 year olds and the 11th most common cause of death among all Americans. It is the 8th leading cause of death among all males.
  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students.
  • Teens don't typically use the term "bullying," which seems to them to indicate elementary school. In their own teen lives, they use the word "drama" which implies a lack of personal responsibility for the "drama."
  • Teenage girls are at risk since they are three times as likely as boys to attempt suicide. Females are the large majority of suicide attempts that end up in an emergency room.
  • Bullies have problems of their own. They are 4 times more likely to commit other crimes. By age 24, 60% will commit a crime that can or will create an arrest record.
  • 160,000 US children stay home from school each day to avoid bullying at school.
  • In the 40 years between 1952 and 1992, suicides increased by 78% among adults in the US. But among teenagers in the same period, the increase was 600%.
  • 58% of male suicides in the US are by fire arms.
  • 73% of all suicide deaths are white males. But the highest rate of suicide deaths in North America are found among Native Americans. In fact, indigenous populations top the charts for in-country suicides in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Bullying is on the rise. Some of our children are literally taunting other children to death. And anyone who contributes to a child's death is a child killer.
  • Females are three times as likely than males to attempt suicide by use of poisons or pills. But they are just as likely as males to jump off bridges and as likely to suicide by hanging, strangulation or suffocation. Boys often choose more violent means.
  • Calif has the most total suicides: 3,206/year. That is 3x as many as either NY, IL, MI or NC, and 2x as many as 4th ranked Pennsylvania.

The thing about these statistics is that every cyber represents a real person whose real pain ultimately brought him or her all the way to death's door. Rich or poor, no one is immune. There is no Teflon coating that protects any of us from the fallout.

Maybe your child isn't a bully, nor has he or she been victimized by bullies - although HALF of all US students report that they have been. And some say teenage girls can be the meanest ...

But then one day someone else's bullied child who found no relief coming from authorities or a friend brings a loaded gun to your child's school determined to get even whatever the cost. Now who's interested in solving this?

  • Teenage boys are at risk since they account for 80% of all teen suicide deaths and are four times as likely as teen girls to die in the attempt.
  • By the most current numbers, there are 4,400 lives lost per year to teen suicides.
  • Methods of suicides among teens differ from the rest of the population. Teens try fire arms (46%), suffocation (37%; includes hanging) and poisoning (8%; includes drug overdose)
  • Center for Disease Control: 15% of students self-report considering suicide, 11% report creating a plan, 7% report attempts - all within the past 12 months. One report released in 2011 has indicated that as many as ONE in FOUR middle school students had gone as far as creating a suicide plan during the previous year.
  • Yale University study: Bullied people are between 2 and 9 times more likely to consider suicide than those not bullied.
  • 160,000 US children stay home from school every day because of their fear of bullies.
  • In the 10-24 year old age group, 84% of actual suicide deaths are from males and 16% from females.
  • Among 15-24 year olds, there is a suicide every 2 hours 12 minutes. Among the elderly, a suicide every 1 hour 37 minutes. For all US ages combined, one suicide every 17 minutes.
  • 2009 study: LGBT teens are 8.4 times more likely to suicide than hetero teens.

This isn't one parent's problem or a school's problem. The lives of our children are everyone's problem. The question is, what will you do about it?

You can act now and try to save a life before it is forever gone. Or you can wait until we ultimately pause to commemorate a young life lost.

* Some of the percentages may not seem to line up exactly. This is because there are minor differences from one year's study to the next and not all of these findings are from the same year. Sometimes statistics "spike.' Also, surveys and studies examine youth in five overlapping age groups: 5-14 years, 15-24 years, 12-17 years, "high school" and "teenagers;" numbers for a 12 year old are quite different from numbers for a 24 year old.

A woman at the counter told me that her best friend's adult son had recently hung himself to death. There were warning signs - the dead look in her son's eyes, his lack of caring about his life. But he kept telling his mother, "I'm okay, Mom. I'll be fine."

But the day after her last, recent visit, he was found hanging in the garage. Suicide.

"But what can you do? What's a parent supposed to do?"

I told her that with apologies to her friend who tried, "What you do is everything you would have done if you were certain your child was going to die if you didn't. You do everything you can think of even if you look silly or crazy, regardless of whether your child will be angry about your interference. You fight, you yell, you love, ... you interfere. You call the police to come do a welfare check. If they see what you see, they can place the person in a 72 hour hold while the experts and professionals examine the person."

One more thing. You look your child-parent-sibling-friend-neighbor in the eye and tell them how much you love them and now unspeakably sad you would be without them in your life. Tell them how important they are no matter what they may have done. Tell them that everything is forgiveable so if they want yours, they have it. Fill up their hearts with your own love.

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