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July 17 2014 NEWEST "I realized everything was fixable - except for just having jumped."
February 7 2014 Bixby OK mom sues school and bullies..
January 18 2014 Suicide is a selfish act.
January 9 2014 This reported suicide attempt is rare
October 16 2013 School and Media do's and don'ts
Sept 9, 2013 Majority of military suicides never saw combat?
August 27, 2013 Blood markers for suicide?
August 22, 2013 8 funerals in three years
August 3, 2013 How to kill a child and get away with it
July 18, 2013 Confessions of a Scholarship Winner
July 9, 2013 "He said I mattered. I counted."
June 15, 2013 Unbelievably sad. Mom is murdered by Dad. Dad hangs himself leaving 17 year old Jack to fend for himself. Then Jack hangs himself in the same spot as Dad.
June 11, 2013 We will speak to your students
June 4, 2013 12 year old girl's sister and mother respected her privacy
May 7, 2013 Who is at the highest risk of suicide?
May 6, 2013 Remembering my son Travis's birthday.
May 4, 2013 Bully Courts in New Jersey
June 27, 2013 What to do when your child or friend is at risk.
Jan 12, 2013 School officials blame media for Amanda Todd fallout
Jan 12, 2013 Taft student shoots bully with shot gun.
March 23, 2013 Gang-raped 17 year old girl in India commits suicide.
Jan 12, 2013 Tragedy after tragedy. Where do we put these?
Sept 16, 2012 Mother charged in suicide of 16 year old son.
Sept 14, 2012 Living for the LORD
June 27, 2013 My message to "... things are so hard right now. I'm really losing the will to try so hard. Just a sign is all I need."
Sept 16, 2012 What would I do about bullies?
June 8, 2012 Suicides surging among US troops.
June 27, 2013 Child Killer Abetment of suicide
February 12, 2012 Faces of Crystal Meth's devastation
March 27, 2012 When it is your child in crisis.
Jan 27, 2012 Taylor Swift remembers high school.
Jan 27, 2012 Can we admit we have a problem?
January 2012 Befriending others can help reduce suicides
January 2012 Canadians fight to get anti-bullying bill past politicians. Seriously, is there a PRO-BULLYING lobby to slow this down?
January, 2012 15 year old Staten Island girl cyber-bullied to suicide
January 3, 2012 Surprising simple things parents can do for their teens.
January, 2012 Prescription drugs and other 2011 deaths in Virginia
January 27, 2012 Slow Suicides.
January 2012 Suicides during the holidays
December 21, 2011 Rest in Peace, Matthew, age 20
December 21, 2011 Dealing with Grief
August 14, 2012There are statistics for five year olds who suicide? Update from New Zealand.
Dec 11, 2011 Book Review, "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher.

Jamey Rodemeyer, age 14.

May 29, 2011 Meet Asher Brown, age 13.
December 9, 2011 Remembering Ed Richards
November 16, 2011 Remembering Jimmy
March 26, 2012 "Jenny's" mother called that night, crying.

Cyber bullying:

14 and 12 year old girls brag on FaceBook after alleged bullying victim commits suicide

14 year old girl suicides after cyber-bullied on ASK.FM. "Drink bleach," "go get cancer," "go die." How well would your 14 year old handle that?

Italian teen girl cybered bullied into suicide by "boyfriend and friends"

17 year old with Tourettes, bullied since 4th grade, commits suicide. Bully even highjacks funeral home grief page to carry on attack. School principal says, "No, ... he wasn't bullied."

12 year old hangs herself in Queens after cyber bullies call her out as a "slut" and "whore." What exactly does a 12 year old girl even know about "slutting and whoring"?

Unspeakable shame and blame . 15 year Canadian girl gang-raped by four boys, failed by police (RCMP), prosecutor (Crown), school and classmates, commits suicide.

Seven year old boy found dead, suspected suicide. Suspected bullying.

ABC News: "Go kill yourself. Why aren't you dead yet?" What does it take to get your school to act in cases of cyber bullying? Two pages, read both. This story is from Arundel High School in Gambrills Maryland but could as easily be news from your child's school. Embarrassment led this school to action, not the facts of the matter.

Family of suicided 14 year old to receive $1 million civil award from Education Dept that did nothing to protect boy.

Parents, get into protection mode! Teens on Twitter. Teen and Tween girls ask the Internet, "Am I ugly?"

10 Ways technology makes bullying worse.

Poll: Young people say Online Meanness is Pervasive

Articles on bullying, other suicide and prevention news from around the media:

A 17 year old asks, How to deal with the threat of suicide?

Is this 13 year old boy being put at additional risk by his school? Of course. 1) LGBT students are 8.4 times greater at risk for suicide than other students, 2) Younger teens are the most vulnerable. 3) Self-identity is critical for younger teens.Who would put a student at risk over a shoulder bag? Apparently, it's a middle school VP who won't return phone calls.

Miss Kansas: "I was bullied so bad I nearly took her..." Don't try to bully her now!

Majority of Military Suicides Never Saw Combat

Autistics and Asbergers are 28 times as likely to consider suicide.

One in three Italian LGBT teens considers suicide

Medical Doctor: "Let's talk about suicide before it is too late."

Dublin 17 year old boy cyber-bullied into suicide because he wore hearing aid. Why isn't this illegal and e-thugs in jail?

Teen girl added as defendant to law suit in suicide death of 15 yr old Audrie Potts

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide raises $730,000 at NJ golf tournament

Lawsuit settlement "allows everyone to put this behind them" in priest abuse leading to suicide of 14 year old?? Really?

16 year old Chula Vista CA girl suicides at bottom of lake dam

Cutting is NOT a risk factor for suicide, per se.

War deployment does not figure into majority of military suicides

Teen brain is all gas pedal and no brake!

Canadian study supports contagion hypothesis among teens. 12-13 year olds are FIVE times likelier to have their own thoughts of suicide when they know of a peer who has suicided.

Judge got it right but was overruled by appellate court in Florida by re-admitting violent bully girl.

Talk about unintended consequences ... Elizabeth Smart tells conference she didn't run away because abstinence-only sex educ at school taught her no one would want her every again after she was raped.

Half of young men and two-thirds of young women seen by outpatient physician for mental health reasons close to time of death. Not taken seriously enough?

Bumbling social worker connected to 14 year old who suicided hours later and to 17 year old who murdered his father hours later. What is missing in Shasta County?

CDC [Center for Desease Control] reports a spike in suicides among middle-aged Americans. Notably, a 48% increase among people in their 50s. Video and text.

16 year old Salem OR student commits suicide and leaves no clues.

Pre-teen suicides in New Zealand. Unspeakable.

Bully Proofing Your Child Psychologist Joel Haber on understanding how to mitigate bully behavior.

First day of school, 2012: 17 year old student in Indiana brings a gun to school. Another student in Maryland brings a gun to school and shoots another student on campus. The need for revenge on campus is EVERYBODY's issue because angry teens aren't marksmen. OUR kids are caught in the crossfire.

The important word in the headline is FOLLOWING. "El Paso school district targets bullying following suicide of gay teen."

New Jersey minors plead guilty; 19 year old's trial rescheduled in suicide death of bullied teen

Death rate among Inuit kids soars over rest of Canada; suicide 30x greater ... Also ...

Suicides are surging among US troops. Averaging one per day.

About time! Three bullies charged by NJ prosecutor in the suicide death of younger classmate.

Parents, boy arrested in India for abetment of teen girl's suicide.

In 2006, Indy Colts' respected coach Tony Dungy spoke at a breakfast, telling the audience about his three children including his oldest, James, who had recently committed suicide at the age of 18 days before Christmas in 2005.


Ohio high school student brings gun to school, revenge on bullies. One student dead, four others wounded.

Comment: Maybe your child isn't a bully nor bullies others. But then a kid who gets no help from authorities or friends bullies, brings a gun to your child's school intent on revenge regardless of the cost. NOW who's interested in ending the bullying?

Teen Depression Pushes Some to the Edge (Good suggestions here)

Las Vegas parents will not be charged in gun suicides of 10 and 13 year old children.

Parents sue bully's family for Cdn $215,000. Excellent idea! Read why.

Teen Club Takes on Cyberbullying

California: Amanda Cota's mother on the bullying that lead her daughter to death at sixteen.

15 year old British girl fell through all the cracks.

South Korea: 71% of Korean teen deaths are from suicides; suicide deaths are 10% of attempted suicides

Bucks County PA sets new suicide record. But we are all at risk.

Las Vegas NV: 13 year old girl suicides a week after a 10 year old boy shoots himself.

Bullying claims the life of bullied boy's father.

Northern Calif teen channels her grief through helping others.

Dara Squires: Bullying, Suicides and Society's Role

The Bleakness of the Bullied, Charles M. Blow, NY Times

15 year old, "I love my mom and dad. [But] I don't want to wait three more years [to finish highschool], this hurts too much."

144 Warning Tweets by 18 year old unheard, [1] and [2]

Deep Secrets, Allowing Teenage Boys to Love their Friends, Jan Hoffman, NY Times

Articles concerning school administrators & teachers Disclaimer: We believe that all public and private schools are heavily invested in the welfare of all their students. An overwhelmingly large majority of school get it right all the time. But we are harsh with the snall minority of schools that seem to look the other way to the detriment of smaller, weaker students who are clearly overwhelmed by larger, older, stronger students. Their actions appear to be indefensiable.

This is Sarah's original post about relentless bullying. See 03-19-2012 post at the bottom of this section for the article
School officials blame media for Amanda Todd fallout
Bullied, beaten, robbed, pantsed, dead bird in mouth; forced to shoplift and "practice" his own suicide; teacher did not help - but authorities "aren't sure" if this may have led to 13 year old boy's actual suicide. Education board's cover up leads to bomb threats.
Remember Asher Brown? A federal judge has ruled that the parents cannot sue the school for failure to protect the boy the school failed to protect.
Bullying of Asher Brown's family continues for 16 months [1] [2] You might expect bullies to withdraw once they realize they have actually forced a child's death, ... but, no.
Alexander Frye, 13, bullied daily into suicide in Wyoming

Judge got it right but was overruled by appellate court in Florida by re-admitting violent bully girl.

Stockton CA student starts fight with teacher, suspended 5 days. Video with this news story does not show the whole encounter. Watch here and it is clear the 15 year old student started the fight, threaten the teacher, was WILDLY disrespectful and treated her teacher like she was another 15 year old peer. This is why 15 year olds don't set school rules. Why is there any question about the teacher at all?

"Terroristic threats in PA" ... well, you have to read it for yourselves. Now Resolved, February 1, 2013.

School officials who did not protect Amanda Todd blame media.

Mississippi senior football player physically beats 100 lb, 14 yr old freshman with cerebral palsy because he wanted to and could.

Horrific! - Even the teachers joined in the bullying of 13 year old boy who jumped to his death. Then, July 17th, city apologizes, but it took a law suit to make it happen.

West Des Moines IA schools circulate list of suicide warning signs.


ABC News: What does it take to get your school to act in cases of cyber bullying? Two pages, read both. In a panic, school administrators had to figure out who "Sarah" was. Perhaps if they had not brushed Sarah off every time she came to the office seeking help for the bully who threatened her, they would have already known?"

Here is Sarah's original post.

Even Government and Family Associations can be the bullies:

NOT ABOUT BULLYING - 20 Reasons Your 20s are so Critical

Michigan passes bill protecting bullies as religious bigots!

State senator speaks out against Michigan bill

Florida Family Association attacks suicide hotline counseling teens!

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