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Choose Life - About us

There are 100 topics we would rather speak to your students and members about than the topic of teen suicide. But there is no topic on which we can make a more lasting difference.

This is about you and your students, children and grandchildren, not about us. This is about naming the causes ultimately leading to suicides and prevent them. Teens have to act for themselves and protect others. Adults must take the lead to help our children grow because when left to figure it out on their own, children are dying. Some children - children - are taunting other children to death.

I know this topic because it hit my family and me personally. Caught in a downward cycle of quick setting depression, my son Travis took his own life at the age of 19. His death was unspeakable - I needed seven years to finally say it aloud in the presence of another person since it was simply too horrific to say.

Travis used a gun I didn't know he had, in a week old apartment I had not yet seen, reeling from a problem none of us knew had swallowed him up, with a sinking despair none of us knew was drowning him. Literally in a matter of just a few days, he was here, happy and then forever gone from our lives without telling a soul or leaving a note.

Knowing fully the depth of Travis' mistake and the deepest loss to those left behind, I speak on this topic from a desire to help prevent others from knowing personally what some of us experience. May you never have reason yourself to know. But these presentations are much more about life than about death. This is about your children, not mine.

We want to speak to your teenage children, students, parents, teachers and school administrators. These are school assemblies and smaller presentations. As a professional speaker with 3,000+ presentations delivered in 48 states, every Canadian province, in Mexico and the Caribbean, I can get this message across to your students.

Possibly, your concern is the alarming rate at which our teens are at risk from relentless bullying, threats, taunting and drama by their own peers. You do have reason to be alarmed while watching the news on television. But we bring you a message of hope.

Whether you want to prevent a future teen suicide or are responding to a recent death in your community, we want to help you.

View the videos and articles embedded here (links at the top of this page). Then, please, call us directly to discuss what you want to accomplish.

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